BUZZINGS: American Idol Gets Back at Simon Cowell by Spreading Rumors About Him, Disinviting Him to Sleepover

  • Now that Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol, the show’s producers are leaking reports about him being tardy to tapings. Give him a break, he probably just got caught up rolling around in his millions at the bank. (PopEater)
  • The next Harry Potter movie will be released in 3-D. It’s like the geekiness is coming right at you! (Parade)
  • Kevin Federline says depression made him fat. Is he sure it wasn’t the deep-fried Twinkies? (Starpulse)
  • Gary Coleman’s junk is coming to a big screen near you. Finally, the perfect date movie! (E! Online)
  • Kelly Cutrone wants to give you advice, and possibly make you cry while you wet yourself. (OK! Magazine)