Oh Look Everybody, Taylor Momsen Is Smoking (PHOTOS)

Taylor Momsen really just doesn't give an F, does she? There were the Gossip Girl star's questionable Haiti comments. Then yesterday she straight up basically gave everyone the middle finger. Someone needs to CHILL. OUT. Gosh....

So today, Momsen was spotted on the set of Gossip Girl, walking around like the super edgy and totally punk rock 16-year-old she is, smoking cigs and sporting a way-too-short dress and boot combination. Trying too hard...she's doing it right.

What do you think of Momsen's cigarette stroll?



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  • Italian Girl
    Italian Girl

    OMG she's smoking a cigarette... She dosn't kill anyone. Puritans!

  • braziliangirl15

    [quote=over it!]bitch, put down the cigarette, put on a bra, and get your act together! you are 16, god damnit! honestly, you come across to us as a poser with this "i'm such a rebel" act of yours. and smoking to be cool.....sooooo 2007. nasty ass... yeah...

  • braziliangirl15

    oh, gosh, she thinks she's so cool just because she smokes... poor girl... i'm a teenage and i don't think smoking is cool at all... it's kinda disgusting and you get all smelly... and your breath... ugh! and it's also totally not healthy... in a few years i think she'll regret the choices she's making.

  • fefeled

    It's her life and her (black and disgusting) lungs...let her be!

  • Taylor

    Shock horror!!!!

  • hannah

    what the hell is she wearing? ROFL she looks like she should be in the matrix

  • steve

    my mom would kill me too if she saw me like this. i like your mom. i'd like to bang her.

  • isabelle

    why the hell is she wearing these tights?!

  • Emma B.
    Emma B.

    Awwww, she used to be the sweetest girl! What ahppened? Hollywood happened!

  • Somepeople need to get real
    Somepeople need to get real

    looooooooooooooool she thinks she's the sh*t, ok ur on gossip girl but doesnt make u 'cool' u just look like a wannabe tw*t

  • Deanna

    leave the poor girl alone i'm sixteen. i smoke and all my friends do it too so just because she's a celeb we're going to judge her? f*ck off

  • paul

    my mom would kill me too if she saw me like this.

  • paul

    i kinda don't like her...

  • Hannah

    The show has been focusing on her eminent breakdown for a while, so HOPEFULLY this is part of the plot and does not indicate her real life habits.

  • nika

    Girl is just trying to hard.. Give her a break she is just 16!

  • gen

    She's got a great body, but a skirt THAT short does no favors to her. And her face will get really ruined if she keeps the smoking up and complements it with drugs. Like Lindsay Lohan. Oh, that would be sad...

  • Sally

    I Think that was just for the show, she's not really smoking !!

  • Karla

    she doesnt really know how to smoke, see, she keeps her fingers up! she is just trying to get attention.

  • tegan

    does she realise you can see her nipples?!?!

  • Jessica

    i love how she auditioned for hannah montana :L

  • jen

    'WTF' dosn't even describe this girl! She needs help, where are her parents? Its time they do some parenting

  • Josh

    Oh, who gives a sh*t? None of these little tweenies are hard core, not Miley, not Lindsay, Dakota or "KStew" (whoever keeps smooshing people's names is getting their ass kicked). This whole generation is trying too hard, because they flat out fail to have any substance or credibility. Ooh, she's smoking, I've never seen a 16 year old smoke in my life! Only every 16 year old I've known since I was born. OMG, my image of her as a bratty, self absorbed, shallow little tw*t has been totally crushed by her TOTALLY PUNK ROCK SMOKING AND SHORT SKIRT! Seriously?

  • Natt

    She should go for red cigarettes rather than menthol ones! It ruined the whole bad girl attitude outlook cause i've never ever came across rockstars smoking chicken crap menthol cigarettes!

  • guest

    gotta do something to keep her hands and mouth busy so no food can find its way in

  • Yo!@

    [quote=over it!]bitch, put down the cigarette, put on a bra, and get your act together! you are 16, god damnit! honestly, you come across to us as a poser with this "i'm such a rebel" act of yours. and smoking to be cool.....sooooo 2007. nasty ass... It a stage... she'll get over it. my big sis when though it, they smarten up eventually.Unfortantly, she under the naked eye,

  • Signe

    I agree with Tash, it's not a big deal.

  • Tash

    Damn she is working that coat, not many could pull that off. She is so hot! Everyone smokes its not exactly a thing to hate her over...

  • hannah

    She can do whatever she wants with her f*cking life... how cares ???

  • eva20

    she's soooo stupid ! I've pain for her but if she want i don't like her ANYMORE !!! rrrrh

  • staggerlee

    Guess it's something to do between the drug and alcohol binges. And keeps the pounds off too.

  • whocares

    gotta love her :D

  • Tiffany Rogers
    Tiffany Rogers

    wow and people call miley a slutty bitch? at least miley cares about her fans and would never do this

  • over it!
    over it!

    bitch, put down the cigarette, put on a bra, and get your act together! you are 16, god damnit! honestly, you come across to us as a poser with this "i'm such a rebel" act of yours. and smoking to be cool.....sooooo 2007. nasty ass...

  • Polly

    Smoking ... whatever. Kill yourself if you want. But please, Taylor, could you at least try to look good? You look like Matrix Barbie on crack ... and, ah, are you wearing those support socks that people's nanna's wear? This is bad on so many levels!

  • rednexmama

    Dear Taylor, you do NOT look bad ass. You do not SOUND badass. You don't even really ACT badass. You're just an ass. period.

  • mon

    so... i smoke. she can do whatever she wants..there prob like million other 16 year olds that smoke and noone comments on that. if she wants then she will.. gosh.. dont tell her to chill.. you chill!

  • Mjx

    Typical teenager dorkiness. Honestly, only a teenager would think there was something tough/edgy about her behaviour/clothes. I remember having a similar attitude when I was younger... really embarrassing to think about, now, but I suppose it's the best time to get it out of your system. If she's still acting like this when she's 20, then it will just be pathetic. Unfortunately, as she seems to have neither talent nor any sort of mind, she's probably doomed to be pathetic in a few years, anyway.

  • BlahBlahHollywoodBlah

    Wow, she's so cool. I want my children to grow up to be just like her! (*heavy w/ sarcasm, if you couldn't tell)

  • taylorhater

    SHES horrid. Shes such a wanna be bad ass. she needs to learn she can't sing, shes not that good of an actress, & that theres bigger things and waaay more importantt things going around the world than her. bitchy brat.

  • starstruck4680

    i will forever love my mum cause if she saw me dressed like am workin a corner and smokin like a druggie , she wud kick my ass . heck id kick my ass , honestly where is her mum , shes 16 u can take her down . ur still her legal gurdian

  • riana

    sooo who cares is she smokes but try hard muchhh

  • Donna

    it makes me cringe how hard she tries!

  • iola

    she is already a diva. ew

  • Fry

    NIPPLES!!!!!!!! Awesome! Lets hope she goes completely off the rails and end up doing porn.

  • Margot

    She looked so innocent in the beginning of the show... I think a lot of people, specially her, forget that she's only sixteen!! Even if smoking at her age is not a big deal

  • julie04

    What a surprise.

  • tromba

    MYOPINION, She is not neither old enough nor wise enough to be "living her own life the way she wants to!" Obviously, neither are you.

  • tromba

    Can you say, "Child Protective Services?"

  • beth

    Well she's trying way too hard, seriously why cant she just act her age and stop trying to be badass?

  • Al

    F*ck she's a badass...

  • sugarmimi

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  • maya flower45
    maya flower45

    wow. i actually realy like her, but this it a bit much :S where dose it bit at lol;)