Where Are They Now?: The Karate Kid (PHOTOS)

Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith, is poised to step into the big-time and kick some ass in the upcoming Karate Kid remake, scheduled to hit theaters in June. But none of that would have been possible without the 1984 original about a bullied California transplant who finds his inner strength with the help of an odd but wise Japanese-American handyman.

What's happened to the cast of The Karate Kid in the 26 years since? Click through our photo gallery to find out.



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  • rocky

    Will remember his wisdom "walk on the left side, safe. Walk on the right side, safe. Walk in the centre and squish, not safe".

  • name

    So where it to find,

  • patman

    He was also starred in a tv show that got canceled after a few episodes. I'm pretty sure the name was Hard time on planet earth.

  • saxena

    There is another film like 'karate kid' name 'No retreat no surrender' ; Try 2 get it n watch it

  • Patricia


  • Tezza

    RIP Mr Miagi, i was driviing my car & they said it on the radio that you passed away, made me sad

  • yulia

    i was so obsessed with ralph during my college years in 84. i luv him so much until now.

  • Lily

    RIP Mr Morita. We loved you dearly

  • Sophie

    Rest IN Peace I will always remember you as a great mentor

  • MoonlightDeceptions

    Rest In Peace, wax on wax off :) he was so awesome!!!

  • Sweetcourts

    He also was on Ugly Betty for a season as her sisters boyfriend

  • Sweetcourts

    he was also on Ugly Betty


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