Fake Wrestlers Accused of Real Violence During Drunken Brawl, In Kentucky (Of Course)

Let’s get ready to validate some stereotypeeeesss! WWE stars Greg “Hurricane” Helms and Chris Jericho did their part to class up pro wrestling’s image on Wednesday morning by getting arrested for public intoxication following an early-morning melee at a gas station in Crescent Springs, Kentucky.

According to TMZ, the pair—who, police say, were “manifestly under the influence of an alcoholic beverage”—were taken in at approximately 5 a.m. yesterday. The arrests were spurred by an alleged brawl in their taxicab, during which Helms reportedly hit Jericho, along with a man named Gary Kelley and a female passenger named Ashley Storer.

Though the two were arrested on drunk-in-public charges—and eventually released on $120 bond each—police didn’t arrest Helms for the supposed attacks, since his alleged victims haven’t pressed charges and police weren’t on hand to witness the event.

Beautiful; the only way this story could be more perfect is if Helms had ripped out the back seat of the taxi and smashed Jericho over the head with it, then attempted to execute a Diving Knee Drop from the top of one of the gas pumps. While lactating steroids.