Kate Moss Goes Gray, On Purpose: What Up With That?

Kate Moss Goes Gray, On Purpose: What Up With That?-photo

Is Kate Moss trying to pioneer a new movement in GILF chic or something? Witness the famously slender super-model, showcasing her new 'do on Wednesday. Notice anything different? That's right—her hair's all white. And it's not from coke flakes that got stuck in her tresses during her last binge.

No, apparently the 36-year-old has made herself look that much more like the fifth Golden Girl on purpose. For what reason, we have no idea. Maybe she's angling to score the next cover of AARP the Magazine?

Click through the photo gallery and share your theories in the comment section: What up with Kate Moss' gray-on-purpose hair?



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  • UpLate&BORED

    Aww I have a Puggs, An I have to say its disrespectful 2 compare them to Kate Moss. She is far uglier then they ever thought of being.lol All the drug abuse sure has taken its toll maybe they should take her pic around an show the kids this is ur face aftr yrs of herion abuse. Just SAY NO.haha

  • Mjx

    Erm, in case you all missed it, last autumn grey hair was actually an important trend in the EU (e.g. Gunn-Britt). Most people didn't have the the nerve to go for it, but if you can see past the associations with age (and most of you probably know of several celebrities who have been colouring their hair its original colour, since the went grey in their teens or twenties), it's actually a pretty good colour on a lot of people. I've got a friend who greyed his hair, and of all the colours he's experimented with, this actually looked at least as good as his natural dirty blond. I don't think Kate is working it that well, unfortunately. A colder, darker version would've worked better, and also, grey is one of those colours that you just cannot do the bedhead look with; the effect is slovenly.

  • sabby

    I bet it's dry shampoo. Sometimes if I'm in a hurry I get the same effect.

  • vpopadiuc87

    she looks like a pug!

  • whodat!

    Maybe we are just seeing the very temporary effects of a styling aid, like a poorly applied dry shampoo, or perhaps even baby powder?

  • Lola

    Wow..she's 36? She looks used and abused, more like 56.