Kristen Stewart Is Apparently Cheating on R-Pattz With Musical Instruments Now

Apparently, even the seemingly glamorous job of being a movie star can be a real grind at times.

In a new interview with Collider, New Moon star Kristen Stewart reveals that Joan Jett had some unorthodox acting advice for her when she was filming The Runaways, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend. Apparently, Stewart had some difficulty with assuming the proper stance and attitude while strapping on the guitar to play the pioneering girl-rocker, so Jett had to get all mentor-ish and lay some wisdom on K-Stew:

“Whenever I wasn’t coming from the right place, she was always like ‘Kristen, p*ssy to the wood. F*ck your guitar.’ I was like okay. So like when you’ve got Joan Jett telling you to f*ck your guitar, yeah, it’s all good. I liked it.”

Well, sure, who wouldn’t like it? Just, you know, be careful of splinters and all.

Gotta love Joan Jett, still providing inspiration after all these years. And aren’t those words for all of us to live by, on every occasion? When your employer asks you how that big project is coming along, tell him, “P*ssy to the wood, boss!” The next time you’re in court and the judge asks you how you plead, reply, “P*ssy to the wood, your honor!” Jett really needs to write a self-help book on the topic.