Snooki vs. Tracy Turnblad From ‘Hairspray’: Who’s The Best Dancer?

While reviewing the highly publicized dance moves of Snooki by the Shore, it’s hard not to hearken back to the similarly smooth moves of one Baltimore, Maryland, dancing ball of tiny Hairspray delight — Tracy Turnblad.

To be fair, Tracy does clock in at 4’10”, while Snooki’s just 4’9″ in her unwashed stocking feet. In a side by side comparison, we’d like you to be the judge of the superior queen of the dance floor scene, Snooki or Tracy. 

Here’s Snooki pole dancing, pants not on the ground:

And some solid drunk dancing, from upright to downright skillful:

Now, take a look at the Nikki Blonsky version of Tracy Turnblad’s swift moves:

And the original Tracy, Rikki Lake, doing The Madison: