Spencer Pratt Lands on “Monster Truck” in Latest Spin of Ridiculous Photo-Op Wheel (PHOTOS)

Poor Spencer Pratt; it has to be a challenge for him to get his face in the media these days, when his wife Heidi Montag has taken the extraordinary measure of carving up her own mug in pursuit of further attention.

But Pratt didn’t become the P.T. Barnum of Reality TV by not being resourceful about keeping his name in the tabs. And so he debuted his latest publicity vehicle in Los Angeles this week: A massive monster truck—which, as everyone knows, is the preferred mode of transportation for classy attention whores everywhere.

Next up: Spencer drives his truck through a flaming hoop in his ongoing bid to have everyone pay attention to him, everywhere, at all times. Or he could smash it into a brick wall while going 100 miles per hour? We’d be satisfied either way.

Let’s reward Pratt’s self-promotional prowess by clicking through the photo gallery, shall we?