Today On The Internet: How To Report The News

Today On The Internet: How To Report The News-photo

You guys ready for this? Check out the best of the best of what's buzzing around the 'net today. You WON'T be sorry:

  • It turns out that putting together a news piece for the BBC is easier than we thought.  (Buzzfeed

  • Searching for a Sydney to LAX one-way non-stop flight on 9/22/2010 brings up an unexpected, little Lost nugget. (The Daily What)
  • Thought you were dissapointed by yesterdays "revolutionary" iPad announcement? Imagine how Hitler felt. Hint: He's PISSED. (Huffington Post)
  • Scientists have discovered the GINGER-saurus. Would you make fun of a ginger dinosaur? (News Lite)
  • DAILY CUTENESS CHALLENGE: How to assemble your puppy. If you can find anything cuter on the Internet today, post it in the comments. We dare you. (Cute Overload)


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