Zac Efron Poised to Take Over the Movie World, Look Stunning While Doing So

Ready for a lot more Zac Efron in your local cineplex? We hope so, because the High School Musical heartthrob is about to take over the movie industry in a veritable tsunami of hunky goodness.

Deadline Hollywood reports that Studly McDreamboat—who’s already signed on for a big-screen adaptation of classic cartoon Jonny Quest—has just picked up two new projects in a further bid to shed his squeaky-clean HSM image. The first, an adaptation of the graphic novel Fire, will find the 22-year-old playing a college student who’s recruited by the CIA, only to find that he’s being trained for a program that creates expendable agents. The second film, which is a combination of two previously existing projects, will be “a Back to the Future-like” affair. Please, tell us there’ll be a DeLorean attached to a flux capacitor involved!

Does Zac have what it takes to make the jump to serious leading man? Time will tell, but don’t let that stop you from rendering your verdict in the comments section now!