Lady GaGa and Angelina Jolie Hooked Up in Today’s Totally True Gossip Item That You Should Definitely Believe

One’s an award-winning actress and adoption junkie. The other’s a chart-topping chanteuse with a flair for eye-catching fashions. Can these two kids find love—or at least a fleeting night of sweaty passion?—in this crazy, mixed-up world?

If the following item is to believed—and really, is there any reason not to?—then yes.

On his Web site this morning, world-renowned investigative journalist Ian Halperin—author of the recent Pulitzer-winning Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—published a post suggesting that Angelina Jolie and Lady GaGa recently basked in the rapture of an all-night hookup:

“A source close to the actress told IUC late last night that there was recently a secret rendezvous between the two at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel that lasted all night. Apparently, Angie is obsessed with Lady GaGa. Still, I reserve judgment on this one until I see more proof. Developing…”

Oh, come now, Ian; there’s no need to hedge your bets after throwing this juicy tidbit out there or all the world to nibble on, is there? Can there really be any doubt that this tryst did, in fact, go down?

Think about it: Their eyes meet across a crowded hotel lobby. GaGa can’t help but notice that Angelina is beautiful. Angelina can’t help but notice that GaGa isn’t wearing pants. Angelina makes her opening move by informing GaGa about the plight of Namibian refugees. GaGa responds by shooting sparks out of her nipples.

And thus a glorious, if all too brief, union is born. Seems entirely plausible to us…

Readers, what say you? Do you share in our unwavering belief in this thoroughly trustworthy item? Have your say in the comments section!