Rachel Zoe's Brad and Taylor Give Each Other Makeovers (PHOTOS)

Rachel Zoe's Brad and Taylor Give Each Other Makeovers (PHOTOS)-photo

Honestly, who doesn't love the deliciously addictive Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo? And along with the head honcho, we definitely get a kick out of her assistants Taylor and Brad.

Check out these exclusive outtakes from PAPER's "Brad and Taylor Project" photoshoot (for which Rachel's loyal minions styled each other and themselves). You can almost hear a collective awwwwww resound from the peanut gallery. Scroll through and see them help each other prep for the session with a familiarity that borders on tenderness. We totes knew they had it in them.

We want our own makeover ASAP!



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  • missfashionthang

    brad and taylor are priceless and jadorable

  • coco99

    kind of want to be besties with brad...he's hilaious!

  • lola69

    can't wait for rachel zoe project to come back on...one of my fav's!!!!


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