GTL Baby! Jersey Shore Cast Signs For Season 2

GTL Baby! Jersey Shore Cast Signs For Season 2-photo

It's official, Jersey Shore fans! The entire cast has joined together and signed a deal with MTV to come back to the small screen for a second season.

Snooki, The Situation, Ronnie, Pauly D, Sammi, Vinny and J-WOWW made it official last night after week-long contract negotations in which they were rumored to be demanding more money. And get this—the next season will not be taking place on the Jersey Shore!! MTV reveals that the seven reality TV stars will "escape the cold Northeast and find themselves in a new destination."

Where do you guys think they'll go? Hollywood? Las Vegas? Leave your ideas in the comment section!



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  • idgaf

    f*ck that why is it called jersey shore then? CAUSE ITS IN THE f*cking JERSEY SHORE. they should have a season 2 but with new people, are these idiots retarded? its gonna be horrible. jersey shore in las vegas? how completely stupid.

  • Tina

    Its going too be sooo fake now because their egos have gotten bigger since they think they are celebrities. Hasn't MTV learned anything from the Hills???