Grammys Fashion Reactions From Celeb Stylist Johnny Wujek (PHOTOS)

By now we all know who took home the trophies last night at the Grammy Awards. But who won where it really counts—on the red carpet?

Thankfully, Johnny Wujek—stylist to Katy Perry—was kind enough to give us his expert fashion appraisals of the various Grammy-going celebrities.

To see Wujek's picks—the fabulous, the blah and, yes, best breasts—dive into our photo gallery.



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  • alex rodriguez
    alex rodriguez

    I love them:) I love their style, their music and..woah, everything:)

  • lunaliinsciencexx

    tw*t heads there all faggets !!!!!!!!!! boo!!!!!!!! there worse than miley and thats saying something!!!!!

  • Maisarah Sa'adenan
    Maisarah Sa'adenan

    preeeeeeeeety :D

  • Jo

    Stylist needed to fix that ill-fitted Situation...bad fit all ova da place

  • Fagur

    yayyy MGMT!!! my favorite band ever!! okay maybe second behind the beatles.. whatever.. I totally agree, they looked really cool in these suits! of course I wasn't expecting less daring outfits from them.. they're just AMAZING!! you could have chosen a better photo of them though.. in which Andrew doesn't look like he's in pain..

  • yomama

    she is so gorge but most unflattering color style and overall look i've seen on her. She wears lots of stage costumes but I would like to see her more glam and less halloween, on the one red carpet for the musicians of the year. I miss her retro pin up style. She has too much personality to be washed out and overpowered by a dress that clearly belongs only on the runway model.....his was a letdown for me...india theme was a good idea tho and loved the cluch.

  • kopns

    Is there a "good" way to reek of the early 90's? Particularly in fashion?

  • kopns

    She looked so beautiful last night. Sometimes her makeup is whack, but her hair and makeup were definitely on point at the Grammy's.