So Long, Sundance, See You Next Year!

[Ed. note: As Park City, Utah, recovers from the annual influx of celebrities that is the Sundance Film Festival, Jessica Rowe, the winner of our Post-Grad Guest Blogger contest, reflects on this year’s festivities and offers some helpful thoughts to everyone’s favorite cutting-edge film fest.]

Dear Sundance,

May I call you “Fundance?” No? Ok. We’ve never actually met, but I hope to attend you one day and get my freebie-fun time on in one of your gifting suites. I won’t be hitting the slopes however, due to a traumatic childhood ski accident involving a tree, a ditch and Rocko the burly ski patrol dude.

You finally drew to a close this weekend, and I thought it might be nice for me to send you a little note, highlighting some of the “big news” items from this past week’s celebration of all things indie, hipster, and cinematically elitist. I have squeezed into a pair of skinny jeans, busted out my flannel (with the requisite pearl buttons), and my unnecessarily large-framed glasses that I don’t actually need to see, but wear because I think they make me look non-conformist, in order to mark the occasion. Here we go:

  • K.Stew comes. K.Stew sees. K.Stew squirms, fidgets, bites her lip, plays with her hair, neglects to finish sentences, wears a hoodie to every event. She also reaffirms that she can actually act, and is, in fact, a total bad-ass. K.Stew conquers.
  • Blue Valentine premieres, with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams portraying a blue-collar couple dealing with a rapidly disintegrating marriage. No one knows anything else about the film, as pictures of Gosling posing with Williams and daughter Mathilda cause ovaries around the world to explode with cuteness overload.
  • Katie Holmes has a film at Sundance? Katie Holmes acts? Katie Holmes does things other than follow Tom Cruise around with a step stool? (The higher cabinets are so hard to reach sometimes). 
  • Ryan Reynolds is Buried in a box for two hours with a cell phone, a lighter, and no wireless Internet access. He must escape without sending out a distress signal by updating his status via Facebook mobile. Suspense ensues.
  • Holy Rollers: A film about drug dealing Hasidic Jews. Need I say more?

So as you can see Sundance, you’ve had quite the week(s). I know you wanted to go back to your “roots” this year (more flannel, less couture) and I think you’ve succeeded in some respects. In other respects…you let Jon Gosselin in. FAIL.

Patiently awaiting my 2011 invite in the mail,

P.S.: One day I will write a post with out some sort of numerical list or a set of bullet points. Or I may not.

P.P.S.: James Franco also premiered a little film called Howl. Not that anyone cares.