Zac Efron Will Be the Next Spider-Man in Today's Totally Awesome Casting Rumor

Zac Efron Will Be the Next Spider-Man in Today's Totally Awesome Casting Rumor-photo

Our Spidey Sense is tingling, and we sense...a wonderfully intriguing if somewhat questionable rumor on the upcoming Spider-Man franchise reboot.

High School Musical hunk Zac Efron will reportedly be donning the tights for the forthcoming fourth installment of the movie series, following Tobey Maguire's departure from the hugely successful franchise. According to a studio insider,

“After dumping Spidey, Tobey then came to the rescue by recommending that Zac should take over his role.”

Efron, 22, will supposedly collect around $14 million to assume the web-slinging role for the next flick, which is due to begin shooting later this year for a 2012 release. And just to make things too perfect, guess who they're considering to take the place of Kirsten Dunst in the role of Spidey's girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson? According to the source, the studio is gunning for Efron's High School Musical co-star and real-life squeeze, Vanessa Hudgens:

“It would be a great coup to land her as well. The franchise would be revitalised and transformed by two of Hollywood’s most gifted and fast-rising young stars.”

Maybe Ashley Tisdale can play the villain?

What say you, readers? Do you think Efron has what it takes to sling the web? Sound off in the comments section!



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  • Madelin

    Ugh, Spider-Man reboot! Well, if needs must... I saw 17 Again, so I know Zac Efron isn't as bad an actor as his Disney reputation proclaims, but if he gets this role I might off myself. Not only does he physically COMPLETELY misses the mark for Peter Parker; he is much too old! With the mask and tights on I'm sure it won't matter, but if this is anything like the earlier comics then he will need to be able to pull off the awkward nerd thing as well, and I just can't see it happening. He's just way too...jock. Logan Lerman, on the other hand...

  • Rose

    if he does do this i honestly cant stand vanessa. so i hope she wont be on it. ashley i can take cause shes not a hoe like nessa. but honestly im sick of seeing highschool musical you know....when half of us were like 10. lol

  • ashleynessafan

    I hope he DOES play Spider-Man!

  • Daryl

    That will be so LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • millycares

    the movie would be good with both of them the chemestry they have is amazing good luck to them both

  • Satenza

    This must've been what the Mayans saw coming.

  • javi

    i dont think vanessa should appear in the movie... ppl will think that spiderman become hsm or something like that.. just zac should do it with a different actress.. maybe tobey sais Zac cause it is likes zac's dreams to play spiderman :) hope to see him there, it will be a different role.. it may works

  • juliannex18

    i love zac and vanessa but the movie will just be a big joke if both were cast i feel like. love them though!!

  • yeah

    I think he would do good, but I do agree with roeschs3, they should have stopped at 2, 3 was bad enough

  • erika

    Type yourcreo que es genial, ellos le darian a la pelicula un aire nuevo, independientemente de sus trabajos en hsm son buenos actores y tendrian gran exito. comment here.

  • Dusan


  • roeschs3

    all tho he is a good lookin dude. they should've stopped at spiderman 2. 3 was awful enough.

  • roeschs3

    COMING SOON!!!! In a Disney Channel Original Movie!!! Spiderman 4 The Musical!!! featuring Man Bangs and Skank Bag!!!

  • ell

    oh god y can't they just stick to the orignal cast would be much better

  • tatts09

    please god,may this not be true...zac as spidey i can will myself to take..but that whiney vanessa i just can't stand her...might as well cast snooki or what ever that dwarf's name is to play mary jane...