Brittany Murphy’s Husband Is Charging Admission for Her Memorial Event, Keeping Things Classy

You’d better bring your checkbook if you want to honor Brittany Murphy’s memory. Us Magazine reports that Murphy’s wicked-tasteful widower, Simon Monjack, is asking for donations to attend an event in her honor on Thursday. (Murphy died in December at the age of 32. The results of her toxicology report are still pending.)

The invitation for the event, which will be held at Beverly Hills’ Saban Theatre, reads, “Sharon Murphy [Brittany’s mother] invites you to celebrate the life of Brittany Murphy.” But only, apparently, if you’re willing to pony up: Monjack is reportedly suggesting a donation of $1,000 for individuals and $10,000 for corporations.

While the event is, technically, a launch party for the Brittany Murphy Foundation, which will provide arts education to children (Monjack claims to have started the foundation with $1 million of his own money), nobody’s too thrilled about Simon exploiting his dead wife’s memory to raise cash, according to a source: 

“Everyone thinks it’s very tacky that he is making it so much about money.”

If they think that’s tacky, wait’ll they see the merchandise booth that Monjack will no doubt have set up. On the plus side, we hear that the Brittany Murphy Memorial Bobblehead Dolls will be priced at a very reasonable $100.