Coco Puts On Makeup Just Like You Do, Squatting On The Bathroom Counter (PHOTOS)

Will someone give Nicole “Coco” Austin her own beauty column already? Ice-T’s wife is once again using her Twitter account to make the world a better place, this time by demonstrating how to properly apply makeup.

Behold, Coco preparing for a night on the town, in this Twit-pic that she recently posted because she’s just that caring. Yes, it might seem odd for a woman to squat in the sink while putting on her face. But when one is serious about one’s looks, one wants to get as close to the mirror as possible to see what one is doing. And in Coco’s case, this method also allows her to showcase her massive behind. Which, along with sharing her wisdom with the world, seems to be her other great goal in life.

No question; this woman doesn’t do anything half-assed. Let’s honor her can-do spirit by diving into a big, juicy gallery of Coco pics, shall we?