Jersey Shore’s Snooki Has Nude Photos Now Too? Of COURSE She Does!

If you thought Snooki was going to sit back and let her Jersey Shore co-star JWoww hog all the nude-photo glory, clearly you don’t know Snooki.

Following news that Jenni Farley (aka, the aforementioned JWoww) had posed in the buff for several racy pictures, Radar Online reports that orange-skinned munchkin Snooki (real name: Nicole Polizzi) has some nudie pics in her past as well. Oh, and a video, too, because it’s all about one-upping the competition.

The photos—which are currently being shopped around to various media outlets, were apparently self-snapped and “leave nothing to the imagination.” Cue the wah-wah pedal and check out the detailed description:

“In one photo she is in her bedroom, on her knees, with one hand on the ground and the other holding the rail of the bed frame. She is looking at the camera with her head tilted slightly. Her spot-it-anywhere fingernail polish is plainly visible. Another shot is too graphic to describe.”

Goodness! In one photo, her fingernail polish is clearly visible, but in another, more graphic photo, it’s not? What exactly are you driving at, Radar Online?

And perhaps an even more important question: Which Jersey Shore cast member will experience a nude-photo scandal next? Drop your predictions in the comments section!