Jessica Simpson Searches for a Man Smarter Than Herself In Today’s Cheap Shot

Welcome to the Celebuzz Cheap Shot of the Week – Wherein Celebuzz takes the most obvious setup in the world and pulls a cheap shot.  Please avert your eyes if your sensitive to such nonsense. Here we go…

While visiting her grandmother in the hospital, former pop idol, Jessica Simpson has asserted that she’s been seeking out doctors as potential future boyfriends, because she’s looking for an intellectual man, somebody smarter than herself:

Is this another case of a woman setting standards far too high for herself just to set herself up for disappointment?

As a service to Ms. Simpson, The Celebuzz Cheap Shot research department has identified a shopping list, if you will, of things smarter than Jessica Simpson:






Ok Jess, we’re sorry. That was a cheap shot. You’re definitely smarter than a mossy rock.