Joey Fatone and Lance Bass Just Frolicking On the Beach, Like All BFF Boybanders Do (PHOTOS)

These new pictures of Joey Fatone and Lance Bass frolicking on the beach are just too much for us to handle. The former *NSync'ers were spotted on at the Westin Dawn Beach in St Maarten over the weekend looking absolutely ridiculous.

Oh, and poor Joey struggling to get his body in the air... and what an unfortunate surname. Time to blast "Tearing Up My Heart" and check out our new gallery!



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  • FatOne is hot
    FatOne is hot

    I've liked Joey since I was 14 years old (I think?) and 10 years later, I still like him. The first thing my mom said about him was that he was going to get fat but I don't care. He's still a cutie pie.

  • Jessica Andreas
    Jessica Andreas

    OMG, you're totally the first person to ever think that up!

  • Jessica Andreas
    Jessica Andreas

    You people are nuts! Joey is a million times sexier than Lance. Joey looks like an actual man. Lance is cute but he looks like an overgrown teenage boy. I'd take Joey over that any day of the week.

  • ScottyP.

    Why does Joey Fatone wax his body? Hasen't he grown up yet?

  • ady ady
    ady ady

    o.k.lance,o.k.joey.BRAVO. best friends.BRAVO...........................

  • aani

    i'm not surprised, they're best friends

  • Priscilla Hart
    Priscilla Hart

    Great to see the Nsync BFF's still hanging out! Aw, you're being so harsh with Joey! Evidently, he's not having trouble jumping "in the air". So what if he's gained some weight since Dancing with the Stars, he's still the same cute, sweet guy! Joey should be applauded for having the confidence to run though the beach shirtless! =D

  • crystalhope

    Ok! But why do they always write his surname the wrong way??! It's FAT ONE, not Fatone -))))

  • jenniferdux

    love it!

  • kopns

    Seriously, wtf? Well, it's neat that they still hang out...

  • roeschs3

    same old story....why does the gay one always have to be the best looking.

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  • noah

    Looks like Joey Fatone ate Lance Bass' boyfriend.

  • chichilavie

    Joey Fat One. Sorry, it was necessary.