Khloe Kardashian Wants You to Know Her Little Sister Kendall Is Fabulous (PHOTOS)

Fear not, people; the Kardashian family tradition of stunning and delighting the world will definitely live on in the future.

Behold, Khloe Kardashian with her l’il sis Kendall Jenner, who at 14 years old is already stepping into her own as a spokesmodel for Nordstrom. And to celebrate Kendall’s budding awesomeness, Khloe took her out for a girls’ night on the town on Sunday.

“We had a little photo shoot of our own in my car then we had a dinner date,” Kardashian writes on her official Web site. “It was nothing fancy, we just decided to get glam for fun. She was my doll for the night :)”

Nothing fancy? We find that hard to believe, with these two beauties involved. But judge for yourself, in our gallery of Khloe and Kendall’s date night.