American Idol’s Denver Auditions Were a Seething Cauldron of Man-Flesh (VIDEO)

Dang, Denver; that thin mountain air seems to have made you all a touch crazy!

American Idol sampled the talents of the Mile High City last night, resulting in a flesh-tastic frenzy of cross-dressing and shameless ogling. First there was aspiring Idol Ty Hemmerling, who shall henceforth and until the end of time be known as “Bikini Boy.” Hemmerling attempted to wow the judge’s panel with his bikini-clad gyrations and rendition of Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart,” but unfortunately Simon and the gang weren’t feeling it. Like, really not feeling it. Like, “walk out on the audition” not feeling it. Maybe Ty should have padded his bikini top to give himself more of an edge? Check out the shameful display below:

Ah, but the parade of man-candy didn’t end there. Meet Casey James, who only wanted to impress the nation with his vocal prowess, but was essentially ordered to strip down to the waist by Kara DioGuardi and guest judge Victoria Beckham for their leering benefit. We’re betting he’s feeling just a wee bit used right now:

On the plus side, James will be advancing to Hollywood. And all he had to do was take his clothes off for someone with the power to make or break his career. And so a time-honored tradition continues…

Photo Courtesy FOX