Ashley Greene Perfects the 'Too Lazy to Look for My Pants' Pose in 'Marie Claire' (PHOTOS)

Ashley Greene is turning out to be as talented a model a she is an actress. Check out the Twilight beauty in the latest issue of Marie Claire, working her best, "Yes, I will probably try to find my pants at some point, but right now I'm just too overburdened by the crushing weight of it all" look. Sure, there's some room for improvement, but you have to admit: It's a look that suits her well.

And to her credit, Ash is at least partially clothed this time out. Which is a big leap forward for her.

Click through the gallery to see what other looks Ashley Greene can pull off.



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  • Dannny

    every photoshoot she is half naked, seriously this girl is a desperate attention whore!!!

  • Anna

    Why does she seem desperate? She's working and making money and with the way things are right now, you do what you can to make money! People think hollywood is so glamorous but what we don't know is these people have a ton of people to pay on their behalfs for dealing with the everyday things you and I do as habit. They make movies for the general publics enjoyment and they have to "work the crowds",etc. it's not all parties and fast pace and I'm sure like the rest of us peasants these people are tired at the end of the day! Think about it,what we don't is our ignorance.

  • crystalhope

    Awesome pic!

  • huh

    Seems like she's desperate for fame, she's always naked or half naked in some magazine spread.

  • dosia

    she looks as Kristen...maybe this eyes and lips, but my first thought was: omg Kris :)

  • roeschs3

    shes just gorgeous!!

  • obsessed

    she looks totally different in this pic