Diddy Wants to Shape the Megalomaniacs of Tomorrow, Today!

Got an urge to slap your name on every type of product known to man? Ever wonder how you can build an empire simply by sampling the music of others? Sean “Diddy” Combs is here to help.

The rap mogul recently revealed his plan to open a business school in New York, so that budding captains of industry can learn from the master. Explaining his desire to be seen as a positive role model, Combs announced,

“I want to have an academy that’s known for building leaders. I feel that’s one of the things I can have an impact on. I want to take on more responsibility. I’m still honestly in search of how I can have the most positive effect that I can have.”

We can just imagine Professor Diddy standing at the chalkboard now. But if the career trajectories of some of his former proteges are any indication of how this will all play out, we hope the tuition is refundable.

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