Lindsay Lohan’s Horrible Secret Revealed: She’s a Hoarder! (VIDEO)

Poor Lindsay Lohan. Up until this point, we really only had an inkling of the personal pain that threatens to engulf her like a tidal wave of sorrow.

Apparently weary of her father Michael Lohan spilling all of her private dirt to the world, LiLo has signed on for an exclusive interview with The Insider, so that she can dish about what a mess her life has become. And in this excruciating glimpse of her interview with Clean House host Niecy Nash, she reveals her most shameful secret: Her home is packed to the rafters with useless crap.

No, seriously. We would never kid about something like this. Take a look for yourself in the video below:

Wow. Now it all seems so clear: The multiple stints in rehab, the self-destructive behavior—they’re all just symptoms of her compulsive hoarding. Why doesn’t Dr. Drew start a reality show about that?

Seriously, Lindsay, it might be time for another yard sale. Once you’ve cleared some of that junk out of there, maybe you’ll find your self-respect under all that rubble.

Tune in on Thursday for the full interview, when Linds will reveal even more deep, dark, horrifying secrets, such as the fact that she doesn’t always put the cap back on the toothpaste when she’s done brushing her teeth.