Robert Pattinson Prepares to Meet His Mocker

Mark March 1 on your calendars, Twi-hards, for that day promises to deliver a showdown of epic proportions.

It’s now been confirmed that New Moon stud Robert Pattinson will appear on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on March 1, the same day that R-Pattz’s latest cinematic gem, Remember Me, premieres. So what makes this instance of movie promotion different from any other? Well, the fact that Fallon has made a habit of ridiculing Pattinson in a series of video spoofs might add a little bit of zest to the interview, and if all goes well perhaps we’ll be treated to the sight of R-Pattz going into Mel Gibson mode on Fallon.

Or perhaps Pattinson will take a subtler approach, and whip out a wicked Jimmy Fallon impression on the show? Either way, prepare for awkwardness. Delightfully entertaining awkwardness.

What do you think will happen during Pattinson’s Late Night appearance? Share your predictions in the comments section!