Alex Meraz Calls Taylor Lautner’s Latest Flick “Lame and Desperate,” Then Lamely and Desperately Backpedals

Who knew a wolf could be so catty?

New Moon wolf packer Alex Meraz sank his fangs and claws into his co-star Taylor Lautner’s latest project on his Twitter account on Wednesday, calling the star-studded romantic comedy Valentine’s Day—with a cast that also includes Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba and Bradley Cooper—”lame and desperate.”

“Oh, no, he didn’t,” you say? Oh yes, he did! Check it out:

“Sorry Taylor but the movie Valentine’s Day looks lame and desperate. It cries out, ‘look we have all the biggest starz in 1 movie pleez watch!’ “

Oomph; way to be supportive, Alex! Unfortunately, before Meraz and Lautner could settle the dispute with a Hottest Abs contest, Alex logged back on to clarify that it’s nothing personal that he hates the very idea of Lautner’s new movie:

“P.S. it has nothing to do with the talented actors in the movie. I just don’t like the producer & Directors’ ‘get rich quick skeem’ nuff said.”

Shortly thereafter, now with both feet solidly lodged in his mouth, Meraz gave it another shot with his mea culpa:

“Talk about biting the hand that feeds me…but I’m a wolf for crying out loud! I’ll be careful next time I spill twitter all over everyone.”

Dang; and after all that we were really hoping to see Alex’s appraisal of Remember Me