Angelina Jolie Earned More Than Jennifer Aniston Last Year, In an Apparent Attempt to Throw Her Into Complete Suicidal Despair

Poor Jennifer Aniston. Is there any measure by which she comes out ahead of her arch-nemesis Angelina Jolie? First Jolie gets the man. Then the kids. And now, as it turns out, she’s raking in more cash.

Vanity Fair has released its list of top Hollywood earners for 2009, revealing that St. Angie raked in $21 million last year, a cool mil more than Aniston’s $20 million haul. The lion’s share of Jolie’s take was from her $20 million fee for starring in the spy thriller Salt, while Aniston—who came in one place behind Jolie—cobbled together her measly $20 million from starring in The Bounty Hunter and The Baster, plus profits from Marley & Me and He’s Just Not That Into You.

Well done, Ms. Jolie. But if you want to make even more money, you might consider buying stock in Kleenex and Haagen-Dazs. We suspect that there’s going to be a run on both once a certain someone gets wind of this news.