Celebrity Doppelgangers For Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Unless you’ve been seriously Internet MIA over the past few days, you know that it’s “Celebrity Doppelganger Week” on Facebook. That’s why all your friends and family are replacing their profile picture with a photo of a celebrity they (often hilariously) think they most look like.

Kim Kardashian has even had fun with the trend, updating her blog with a picture of Cher! She writes, “I thought it would be fun to take part myself! I came across this little item in a magazine comparing me and Cher. I guess we do have a lot of similarities… she’s half Armenian, has long dark hair and loves her big sunglasses!”

We’ve totally realized that sooo many faces in Hollywood look exactly like other stars! Who made our list? Make your way through our gallery and see if you can guess some of our favorite celebrity’s celeb lookalikes!

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