Jennifer Aniston Seeks “Wealthy Businessmen,” Dating Preference Chart Revealed

For years the world has wondered why one of the most attractive and successful women in the world can’t find herself a decent man.

Well, the wondering is over.

Jennifer Aniston has a messed-up dating preference chart. You know, that chart women keep as a road map to who makes a more (or less) ideal LTR.

(Note to clueless guys: yes, these do exist.)

Today, we learned more about Aniston’s dating preference chart when a close friend revealed that Jen’s looking to get off actors and musicians, and instead is searching for a “wealthy businessman” as a potential boyfriend. This revelation got us quite curious, so we dug a bit deeper and were able to find an actual copy of Aniston’s dating preference chart that we completely made up. 

See why this former Friend might just be doomed for relationship failure:

Aniston Dating chart

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