Mel Gibson’s Publicist Offers BS Excuse for A-Hole Comment

Hey, you know how Mel Gibson caught a lot of heat earlier this week for seeming to call WGN-TV’s Dean Richards an “as*hole,” after Richards asked Mel about his infamous 2006 DUI arrest and anti-Semitic rant?

Yeah, well, you can all just relax now, because as it turns out, it was Mel Gibson’s rep who was the a-hole!

No, really, this is coming from the rep himself, and we all know that reps are duty-bound to tell the truth, always. 

Anyway, Gibson’s longtime publicist, Alan Nierob, has come out to explain that the expletive Gibson muttered at the end of the interview was actually directed at him, because he was “pulling faces” off-screen during the interview.

Hmm; valid explanation or desperate a-hole covering? Examine the video evidence for yourself and render your verdict in the comments section!