Paris Hilton Called “Dumb” By Her Burglars; Paris Looks Up From Cartoons To Say “Huh?”

Low blow, “Bling Ring” gang of L.A. suburban thieves.

It’s one thing to be (allegedly) larcenous idiots, but now you’ve gone and taken a cheap shot at one of America’s great treasures—Paris Hilton.

Nick Prugo, the 18-year-old, cooperating witness from the criminal ring that targeted the homes of young celebrities, states that the gang targeted Paris’ home because she was “dumb” and would be easy to rob.


As if, Nick!

Okay, perhaps the gang did rob Paris a first time, using the spare key that they found under the doormat (really), and she didn’t even realize she’d been robbed, so they came back again and easily horked a couple mil in cash and bling—still, this means nothing.

Scientific Fact: Paris Hilton’s IQ lands her precisely in the middle of her demographic set (with that demographic set being spoiled, rich, bleach-blonde heiresses).

Leave Paris alone!