Joe Simpson Crashes Nick Lachey’s Super Bowl Party, Because Apparently Annoying Your Former In-Laws Is the Hot New Thing

Joe Simpson really needs a hobby. Or at least some new friends.

OK! Magazine reports that Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s dad, who apparently has nothing better to do these days, crashed his ex son-in-law Nick Lachey’s Super Bowl party at the Hotel 944 at Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach yesterday.

Ooh, awkward—especially since it’s believed by some that Joe was instrumental in driving a wedge between Lachey and his daughter Jessica, leading to their 2005 split.

According to an eye-witness at the event, Papa Joe slithered into the event and was heard to brag, “Nick doesn’t know I’m here!” to a fellow reveler. Another source says that Simpson took advantage of Lachey’s tardiness in order to gain entry:

“Nick was late for his event because [his girlfriend] Vanessa [Minnillo] took forever to get ready. Joe went up the elevator to the party before Nick, and tried to slip in unnoticed.”

Slick move, Papa Joe. No wonder you’re one of the most respected figures in show-biz.

The eyewitness adds that Lachey looked “shocked” when he learned of Simpson’s under-the-radar arrival, later telling OK!, “I haven’t talked [to] Joe in years. So be it.” 

What, no shouting match, followed by a brawl? And you call that a Super Bowl party…