Ke$ha Celebrates Her Awesomeness By Going on a Vandalism Spree (VIDEO)

Ke$ha Celebrates Her Awesomeness By Going on a Vandalism Spree (VIDEO)-photo

So you've conquered the music charts while delighting and bewildering the general public. What do you do for an encore?

How about defacing a cherished landmark?

Behold this video that "Tik Tok" songstress Ke$ha posted on YouTube, of her and her buddies altering the famous Hollywood sign to make it read "Ke$hawood."

What a prankster; maybe she'll TP the Capitol Records building next as a follow-up?



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  • goodlvoer

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  • laurencullen
  • crystalhope

    I had parrot named Kesha...If any celebrity ever calls him/herself Gosha I'm gonna cry!! What a stupid pseudonym...

  • noah

    That video was more fake than Heidi Montag's Triple H boobs.

  • Cindi Knouft
    Cindi Knouft

    She spells her name with a dollar sign. 'nuf said.

  • tatts09

    too much glitter does that to become a certified moron..

  • beccacullen

    how thick can you get?


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