Kristen Stewart Causes Trouble While Serving Justice. Such Is the Paradox of K-Stew.

Poor Kristen Stewart. She can’t even do her civic duty without sparking some kind of controversy. The New Moon beauty turned up at Los Angeles Superior Court this week to serve jury duty, a seemingly virtuous act that could end up costing two men their jobs.

It seems that one of the security guards at the court is a big K-Stew fan and asked to take a picture with the actress, a request that she graciously granted. So what’s the big brouhaha? Well, it turns out a pal of the guard’s was also on hand for the photo-op, and he allowed his wife to post the pic on her Web site. And somehow—don’t ask us how these things happen, we’re not scientists—the photo ended up on other Web sites. Which apparently didn’t go over too well with Los Angeles’ legal system.

As the scandal erupted, the guard’s wife quickly removed the photo from her site and posted the following update, which pretty much tells the rest of the story:

“Cancelled because unfortunately the photo that went up from Kristen in court was stolen and put on several blogs and got to the media (the press) and reached the ears of the court. Right now my husband and the security guard are in trouble for it having gone up and second because it is confidential when celebrities are in court.”

Tsk-tsk Internet; have you no regard for people’s privacy?

Oh, and speaking of perhaps-inappropriate divulgences, TMZ has unearthed the details of the case that Stewart was sitting on: Apparently it involved a guy who was busted for solicitation in a prostitution sting and who claimed that, due to his poor English skills, he didn’t understand the proposition. Stewart and her co-jurors found him not guilty.