What's on Your Ringtone? For Victoria Beckham, "I'm Too Sexy" (VIDEO)

What's on Your Ringtone?  For Victoria Beckham,

She claims it's a joke being played on her by her husband, David, but if you call Victoria Beckham's cell phone, here's what you'll hear:

Yes, it makes for a funny practical joke, but can't you also imagine Posh perhaps picking this out for her own sexy self?

Before you judge, tell us what's on your ringtone, right now?  Be honest!



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  • abigailjune

    van morrison all the way for my phone

  • beccacullen

    the new moon soundtrack xx

  • tatts09

    under the bridge-red hot chilli peppers

  • noah

    Anything Miley Cyrus, obvi.

  • crystalhope

    Boston - More than a feeling -))) Luv the song, though it's old as hell -)