Warren Sapp Arrested for Domestic Battery in Miami

This Sunday probably isn’t going to be so super for Warren Sapp. TMZ reports that the former NFL star and Dancing With the Stars runner-up was arrested and charged with domestic battery on Saturday afternoon, following an allegedly violent early-morning confrontation with his girlfriend.

The reported altercation occurred at approximately  5 a.m. on Saturday at the Shore Club Hotel in Miami, where Sapp is in town for today’s Super Bowl. Sapp’s girlfriend told police that she and Sapp began arguing about men that the girlfriend had been hanging out with on Friday night.

According to the girlfriend, Sapp pulled her out of bed, “grabbed her and began to choke her” and eventually tossed her out of the room. The arrest report notes that the alleged victim had “a swollen right knee and bruises on the back of her neck.”

While being questioned by police, Sapp claimed that, while he originally allowed her to stay in his room, he decided otherwise later because “he was expecting company.” Sapp maintains that the alleged victim fell while he was trying to help her.

In light of the incident, the NFL Network, for whom Sapp serves as an analyst, released a statement noting that Sapp will not appear on the network until they review the situation.