A Short Celebrity Guide to Whether You Should Be Wearing a Cat Suit

Jenny from the Block has been rockin’ the cat suit again. The blogosphere loves to remind readers that Jennifer Lopez is 40 years old, as a preface to displaying her skin tight wardrobe. Does this really matter? 

Here at Celebuzz, we believe that age is just a number.  Certainly, it’s a poor indicator for determining the appropriate components of your wardrobe. We’ve seen teens looking horrible in their shabby-ware and we’ve seen seniors looking like a million Armani bucks.

There are much better questions than age that you should be asking yourself before strutting the spandex bodysuit in front of the entire world.

As a for instance, are you married to Nick Cannon and do you like the bubbly champagne a wee bit?


If the answer is, “yes, then the answer as to whether or not to don the cat suit is “no”.  It already takes 73 minutes and two-18 oz. cans of Crisco to get you into your sparkling mini-dresses, not to mention the body tape required after the fact. Just say “no” to cat suits, Mariah.

Another example of a question you should ask yourself: have I recently been punched in the face during a bar fight and have I flipped off the people of Philadelphia on camera?


If either of these questions comes back as an affirmative, no cat suit for you. Sorry, Snooks.

On the other hand, ask yourself this: am I a ridiculously body-toned cougar who comes out from behind my Twitter feeds every now and then to show the younger ladies what’s what?

If the answer to this question is “yes”, then the catsuit just might be for you. 

Demi Yellow

We hope.

Seriously, Demi, send us pictures the minute you get them.