Blake Lively Bikinis With Her ‘Gossip Girl’ Boys (PHOTOS)

With all of the Super Bowl coverage that went on over the weekend, we’re frankly shocked that so many media outlets failed to cover the real story in Miami yesterday: Blake Lively hanging out in a bikini for all the world to see.

The Gossip Girl beauty spent some quality time with her castmates Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley on the balcony of their penthouse hotel room prior to the big game on Sunday. But not all quality time is created equal; while Crawford occupied himself by looking pretty and staring pensively out to the ocean, Blake planted herself in real-life BF Badgley’s lap and played kissy-face with him. Looks like the Saints weren’t the only ones who ended up doing some major scoring yesterday.

Click through the photo gallery for a play-by-play of the action.