Joe Jonas Provides Hope to Nerds Everywhere (PHOTOS)

Forget his brother Nick’s crusade against diabetes. Joe Jonas has taken on a cause that could truly make for a better tomorrow: Giving basement-dwelling nerds worldwide a glimmer of hope for their futures.

Witness the Prettiest L’il JoBro out on the streets of Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood on Sunday, rocking a look that would even make Rivers Cuomo point, laugh and stick a “Kick Me” sign to Joe’s back. But note how JoJo overcomes his utter geekification with a confident stride and a casual air. He even manages to make contact with a member of the opposite sex, though his vow of chastity forbids him from doing anything about it.

See, nerds? It is possible! If you’re a platinum-selling pop star and Disney’s reigning male sex symbol, anyway.

Click through the gallery to observe and learn. The master has much to teach you.

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