Justin Timberlake Wins Hasty Pudding Award, Looks Fabulous While Doing So (PHOTOS)

Justin Timberlake can be such a drag sometimes. Mr. Sexy Back became the most recent winner of the  Hasty Pudding Pot Man of the Year award at Harvard University on Friday, an honor that apparently requires its recipients to humiliate themselves in public.

So many questions. Is this some sort of bizarre fraternity ritual? Does JT look better as a blonde? And what’s up with the presents strapped to his chest—are they a gender-bent reference to his legendary “Dick in a Box” SNL skit?

One thing’s for sure: Justin makes a very handsome woman. Of course, it helps that he’s had practice at this sort of thing.

Feel free to bask in Justin’s tranny-tastic glory by clicking through our photo gallery.