Megan Fox Thumb-Double Scandal Ruins Sanctity of Super Bowl Ads (VIDEO)

Forget steroid abuse, Michael Vick’s dog-fighting ring or Warren Sapp’s alleged domestic abuse; the most scandalous scandal to ever rock the sports world occurred when Megan Fox’s Morotola ad ran during the Super Bowl last night.

The ad features the Transformers beauty lounging in a tub and snapping a shot of herself to send out over the Internet, resulting in a wave of havoc that includes power-line destruction, injuries and implied teenage masturbation. But the real chaos occurred when the blogosphere, in its ever-watchful way, realized that something was amiss with the ad: Fox’s thumbs.

It’s long been known that Fox has freakish, toe-like thumbs, a fact that’s served as a source of relief for those worried that Megan Fox might, in fact, be perfect in every single way. And when some keen-eyed bloggers realized that the thumbs in the ad didn’t match up to the abnormal digits Megan usually sports, the Internet went into a frenzy and Thumb-Gate 2010 was on. As one investigative Internet journalist noted,

“Did anyone else catch this? I couldn’t help but chuckle when they showed a close-up of the Motorola phone and the hands holding it were definitely not Megan Fox’s.”

That’s right: Motorola used a thumb double for Megan”s ad.

Inconceivable, you say? Yes, we thought so too at first, but the shocking video evidence below cannot be denied:

Shocking, yes. But perhaps even more shocking: When confronted with the sight of Megan Fox lying naked in a bathtub, some people actually noticed that she has thumbs at all.

Internet, you need a new hobby.

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