MTV Tells ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast to Stop Being Everywhere, All the Time

Does this count as good news or bad news?  According to the New York Post, if MTV has its way, we’ll all be seeing a lot less of Snooki, The Situation, JWoww and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew in the near future.

As you’ve probably noticed, the rag-tag team of orange-skinned guidos and guidettes has pretty much taken over the world, but their network overlords have enacted a crackdown to limit their personal appearances in an effort to protect the brand. According to sources, MTV has ordered the cast members to limit their appearances to two a week, lest they face fines and possible legal action.

The only problem? The cast members, wisely realizing that their fame is probably fleeting, aren’t having any of it. A source close to the cast spills:

“MTV has told the Jersey Shore crew they can only do two personal appearances a week, and that all of their gigs have to be approved by producers. They’ve threatened the cast that they will be fined if they flout the rules—but some don’t care and are blatantly going ahead to earn as much cash as they possibly can.”

Since the runaway success of the show, the Jersey Shore cast’s personal appearance fees have risen considerably, with Snooki fetching up to $10,000 a pop and Pauly D taking in $7,500 per appearance. So it’s hard to fault them for wanting to get while the getting is good. But the MTV brass is worried that, in the mad dash or cash, the cast might damage the show’s image, according to a source:

“We have to put in controls to protect the brand. We don’t want them out all over the map at every single bar in the country. They have to get permission from MTV prior to doing a personal appearance—we don’t want one of these kids appearing in a topless bar. Pauly D’s fan base is about 85 percent women between 12 and 21, we have to protect that.”

Totally. Because if it’s one thing that Jersey Shore is about, it’s keeping it classy.

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