BUZZINGS: Jersey Shore’s JWoww Wants to Make it Really Big. Her Chest, That Is.

  • Jersey Shore guidette JWoww’s plan for sustained career viability: Bigger breast implants! Because hanging out with a bunch of massive boobs has gotten her this far. (Celebslam)
  • And now for her next trick, Rihanna will ride a zebra. With a mane made out of balloons. While wearing an outfit that looks like a Keith Haring painting threw up all over it. (Bossip)
  • Peter Facinelli is unleashing the awesome power of Twi-hard nation to help Haiti earthquake victims. Pretend vampires—is there anything they can’t do? (PopEater)
  • Because every straight guy in the world has been wondering, here’s what Beyonce looks like when she first gets out of bed in the morning. (Dlisted)
  • Kendra Wilkinson wants everyone to know that she was crying after the Super Bowl because of the paparazzi, not because her husband’s team lost. So there. (Parade)
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