Getting To Know Snooki’s Guido In Shining Spray Tan (PHOTOS)

Snooki may have complained about not finding love at the Jersey Shore, but it looks like she finally found true love with her new boy-toy, Emilio Antonio. So who’s this Emilio character? He’s tan, hes a juicehead (umm…check out the above pic), and he works at the gym. This is a perfect situation.

Earlier this week, Snooks finally came out with the exciting news, exclaiming

“He is a body builder and works at the gym. He is freaking banging. We’re the sexiest couple I have ever seen in my entire life, so I am excited for everybody to see that.”

And they’re not holding anything back. From multiple over-the-top tweets to each other daily (“love you babe” and “@Sn00ki you look so cutee with no sleeep ! Aww”) and Zoolander-esque pictures on facebook and twitter, these two are the Guidoiest couple we’ve ever seen. And yeah, just made that word up.

Make sure you’re following Snooks and Emilio on Twitter, and check out their oh-so-amazing twitpics in our gallery! How long do you give this new couple?