Here’s A Shirtless Kevin Federline — You’re Welcome (PHOTOS)

No wonder Britney couldn’t resist marrying Kevin Federline….just look at him! The former backup dancer/baby daddy showed off his post-Brit physique in all it’s glory on last night’s Celebrity Fit Club premiere. He even revealed to the audience that he “looks like a pregnant man.” Sexy.

K-Fat rang in at a hefty 232 pounds for his “before” pics and didn’t seem to mind stripping down to some tight camaflouge boxers. As if he had any dignity left to begin with. He recently told the press that his weight gain was due to emotional distress after his breakup with the pop star, admitting that “I went through a lot of things and I definitely say that those things contributed to my weight gaining for sure.”

Well, better late than never to try to lose that weight! Make sure you check out our gallery of K-Fed through the years and let us know if you’ll be rooting for him in the comment section.