Lindsay Lohan Is Going to Help Haiti With Her Awesome Partying Skills (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan obviously knows that, if you want to be effective, you have to play to your strengths.

Fresh off her child-saving campaign in India, LiLo has turned her sights toward helping the earthquake victims in Haiti, via a method that she’s obviously quite skilled at: Partying.

The occasional actress is set to host a Brit Awards bash at London’s Altitude 360 on February 16. But unlike the 600 or so other party-hosting gigs she presides over every year, this one will benefit a charity other than the Prevent Lindsay From Going Broke Foundation. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross, to aid in the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

Traveling, partying down, and helping others? Does Lindsay Lohan have this whole charity thing dialed in, or what? See Lindsay break it all down in the video below: