Rihanna Rides a Mechanical Bull to “Sex On Fire” (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

UPDATE: We have received word that the bull-riding daredevil in the video is not, in fact, Rihanna. Which means either one of two things: She’s been cloned, or there’s a rogue Rihanna impersonator on the loose in the streets of New York. If you see her, alert your local authorities—or at least tell her to knock it off and stop confusing us already.

A reader sent in this exclusive clip of Rihanna taking a long ride on a mechanic bull during a recent night out at New York nightclub Johnny Utah’s. Judging by those sweet bull-riding moves, and the Kings of Leon’s whiskey-soaked “Sex on Fire” soundtrack, and the hilarious lady who keeps yelling “You Go, Girl!” in the background, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a Good Girl Gone Bad… Gone Country (for one night at least).

Watch our exclusive video below — and be sure to stick around for the dramatic ending, in which RiRi finally gets bucked from the robo-bull…

Tell us what you think: hot or ridiculously hot?

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