BUZZINGS: Jennifer Aniston Is Saving Mexico One Vacation at a Time

  • Jennifer Aniston says that her recent birthday celebration in Mexico was actually a humanitarian mission. Next up: Jen rescues Haiti by getting her hair done. (Celebslam)
  • Tom Cruise signs on for Mission: Impossible IV, in which he’ll attempt to stop a renegade wife who managed to slip away from her husband’s mind-control beam. (Dlisted)
  • Heidi Montag wants to be in Playboy again. But are her new body parts old enough to pose nude? (What Would Tyler Durden Do)
  • The Jersey Shore kids are moving to Miami for season two. Local realtors go into crisis mode as Cuban expatriates prepare to flee en masse back to their country of origin. (Movieline)
  • Lady GaGa’s high-school yearbook photos emerge, proving that she wasn’t, in fact, transported to our planet by aliens two years ago to screw with everybody’s minds. (PopEater)
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